Monday, July 22, 2013


Theology, How Boring!

In modern times, words like theology and doctrine have lost their meaning!

They have come to mean boring, meaningless bits of information which have very little to do with real life.

When your computer stops working efficiently, we take it to a "tech guy." He is the guy who knows all about how computers work. We have no clue about what he saying so we come to the bottom line - "can you fix it?"

That is how theology and doctrine are often thought of today - as ramblings of minutia and terminology of Christianity which may be fun for a select group of "Bible nerds" but are of no value to the average struggling Christian in this complicated world we live in.

In fact, theology is a study of God and our doctrines are simply what we believe!

How important are theology or doctrine to you?

We often look for "google wisdom" or books which amount to "Christianity for Dummies" to find out how to live successful Christian lives.

Google searches can be useful and lead us more quickly to valuable Christian resources. But Christianity must still be learned a little at a time. We don't start children out with advanced calculus. They must first learn simple addition, then subtraction, multiplication, etc. The greatest geniuses in the world may be able to enter college at high school age but they still are not able to grasp calculus in the first grade!

We may sit at church and feel we don't have time to hear a message which has nothing to do with our current struggles. We wish our pastor would just get to the point! Maybe I should find a church where the teaching has the quick answers I am looking for. Perhaps I should tune in to Christian radio or television and "channel surf" until I fight the message I think applies to my life right now.

We sometimes don't realize that God wants to build a theology in our hearts!

Can we perform surgery if we watch a TV show about it? A surgeon needs to learn all about how the body works and be an MD as well as a surgeon! It is true that a person might be able to cut out an appendix and sew it back up successfully if he or she were gifted with a high level of manual dexterity. But that person would be lost and the patient would be in in great danger if he were not  prepared to deal with the myriad of possible setbacks during the surgery!

In the same way, we may feel that if God would just give us answers to our current dilemma, we would be fine but he knows that He must first impart wisdom to us which at the moment seems unrelated to what we think we need to know!

Next Post:

  • God builds our doctrines over time because He loves us!
  • Why He doesn't always tell us what we think we need to know right now!

I Hope you received something good from today's post and that you will visit Sonmorph again!

   "Rome wasn't built in a day!"


  1. I think that we confuse theology and doctrine with God's posture on people and love. Theology and doctrine are based in truth. Something is either true or it's not.....some things in life need to be unchanging and permanent...On the other hand, it's those permanent eternal "truths" that reach out to man in mercy and love and bring healing, wholeness and restoration....How deep is that ???

  2. Thank you for your excellent comment! Truth leads to right action and you cannot get deeper than the actions you described!