Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SPECIAL FORCES Part 1 of 3 - "The God Squad!"

I was a member of the US armed forces many years ago. Today, I no longer have to march everywhere, carry a rifle or wear a uniform. I am now a civilian.

Other men and women are currently part of the armed services. They do all of the above and more.

Then there is a third group. They are called “Special Forces.” They include Navy Seals,  Army Rangers and Green Berets. Those who are in the regular branches have certain physical fitness requirements depending on their individual roles.

Members of the Special Forces are different than members of the regular branches. After a long, grueling, physically and mentally exhausting training, they are called upon to engage in the most demanding and dangerous missions imaginable!

The Christian may also be at one of these three levels, or at least somewhere along the spectrum.
1. Civilian - another name for an unbeliever, one who has not entered the Kingdom of God through the new birth!
  • God does not have a draft - His army are all voluntary!
  • We sign up by accepting God's free gift of Salvation!
        Favorite Sayings:
  • "There is no God."
  • "If there is a God, let Him show Himself."
2. Regular Branch - May be anywhere along spectrum from careless Christian to somewhat involved.
  • Wears his uniform and keeps it clean.
  • Obey the rules and follows orders.
  • On time for all activities and never goes AWOL.
  • Volunteers, as long as the missions are “safe.”
        Favorite Sayings:
  • "Cleanliness is next to godliness."
  • "Be balanced."
  • "Let’s not go overboard."
  • "What will people think?"
3. SPECIAL FORCES - Fully sold out warrior for God!
  • Will go where and when God commands him!
  • Stays in top shape, always looking to improve!
  • Doesn’t mind “getting dirty!”
  • Ready, willing and able, volunteers for the toughest, most dangerous missions.
        Favorite Sayings:
  • “The second mile is just the starting point!”
  • “Man up and obey God first!”  
  • “Once a man of God always a man of God!”
  • “Be all that you can be - in God’s army!”
  • “Hallelujah!”
The Bible speaks of some of God’s special forces members:
  • Joshua - Defeated the stronghold of Jericho by marching and blowing trumpets!
  • Gideon - Defeated and army of thousands with only 300 men!
  • David - Sniper, Defeated Giant with on shot, a blow to the forehead with a slingshot!
  • Peter - Cut off a man’s ear to protect Jesus. (OK bad example!)
We cannot choose what gifts or talents God gives us but we can choose to “be all that we can be” with the gifts He that chooses to give us! Will you be a part of the God Squad?


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