Friday, July 19, 2013

God Our Instructor! SPECIAL FORCES (Part 3 of 3)

In the US military special forces, when you opt out, you are free to return to your regular military branch. The Instructor will not run after you, or follow you to your home, begging you to return.

But God is a very different kind of instructor! He knows us intimately and will pursue us! He will not allow us to be pushed or tested beyond what we can bare! He is kind and will teach us with gentleness and patience. He will allow us to take the test over and over until we pass! How many people or organizations will go to that level to insure our success?

If you want to make the transition from "couch potato" Christian to "MIGHTY MAN OR WOMAN OF GOD," , come to God and ask for a "God-Evaluation!" Ask Him to take over your case and be Your instructor. Pray that He will train you. 

Pray something like this (in your own words): "Lord I want to be in your special forces, no longer living for myself and my own desires, but laying down my life for the sake of the Kingdom of God and for others. If I cry out to quit, don't listen that prayer but keep training me until I am ready for any mission you want to send me on." 

Be serious though when you pray, because special forces training can be hard at times, very hard! When you pray like that God will hear your prayer and answer! Weigh the cost before you sign up! Along the way, you may feel that you regret praying this way! We all feel that way at times.
Sometimes we only have strength to put one foot after the other but if you keep doing that, you will arrive at your destination!

It is not a walk in the park but it is life changing and it will bring you closer to God in ways you can't imagine. In fact, it is the only way to be privy to the secret wisdom of His Kingdom! 

Does the general share plans for secret missions with civilians? Perhaps just some vague generic version, such as, "We will be attacking such and such a country." The men in the battle know more specifics about the plan.  The officers and the members of the special forces have access to the highest level of Top Secret plans!

I want to be in on what God is doing! I want to experience God at the highest level possible! I know I cannot choose to be a general; He chooses His own generals and officers. But I do want to go as far as I can and live up to whatever potential He has given me.

I know I have a long way to go but as a wise pastor once said, I also know I have come a long way on my journey.

The goal is for us to maximize whatever time we have in this life!

In military training for special forces, no provisions or exceptions are made to accommodate the beginner, the out of shape, the weak or the inexperienced, let alone those with physical disabilities. In the regular military, you will be rejected if you cannot pass a physical or pass vision and hearing tests - NOT SO WITH GOD!

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us...
Hebrews 12:1

Isn't it wonderful that I don't have to run someone else's race?

God has tailored an individual race for me! I do not have to compete with anyone else or break any records! God knows if I began the race far behind the "elite" runners at the starting point. He does not ask the disadvantaged and abused to run the same race as the privileged and loved! If I have only one leg, God will allow me more time to finish the race! He will design my individual race on my gifts, talents, physical and mental state and life opportunities!

We should not use our weaknesses as excuses to run an inferior race. Make no mistake - God will push us to maximize our potential. But our individual race is never based on someone else's potential - only on our own.

Our job is to seek Him, to learn what abilities He has given to each of us specifically and to yield to His encouragement when He challenges us to go higher!

We are never to look at our fellow participants in the race and evaluate ourselves based on our position in the race, whether good or bad. 

...looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Hebrews 12:2

We are to look to Jesus! When we look around us at other runners we will be prone toward pride if we are ahead and discouragement if we fall behind. Look to Jesus and keep your eyes on Him. Be sensitive to His leading. If He reveals to you that you are doing well - be encouraged. If He lets you know that you that you are falling behind - pick up the pace as He leads!

Always look to Jesus as your example and for guidance. If your Heavenly Instructor tells you to rest, you are not being faithful if you try to run faster. If He tells you to move out and run faster, resting then becomes disobedience!

Get is the race God has chosen in His wise Counsel, specifically deigned for you by the Master Creator, Designer and Instructor! He is intimately acquainted with all your ways and with all your inner workings! 

Come to Him to find out what specific race He has chosen for you - and then run it with all your heart!

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