Thursday, November 14, 2013


It has been said that marriage requires work and nurture to be successful.

When two people marry there may be great excitement in the beginning. At some point afterward, the initial excitement may seem to wear off.

God's Fire Ignites Agape Love!
Perhaps a fire is a good analogy. You can't just throw a bunch of logs in a pile, light them and expect them to burn forever. You must rekindle them with more oxygen and keep adding new logs.

The world has many remedies for a marriage, which seems to be cooling off. One is to find a new relationship or a start a new marriage. They concept of marriage is seen as a drudgery and the command to be married "until death do us part" as a unrealistic burden.

The truth is that it is a drudgery and a burden unless you can inject new life into it!

Those who don't know God may try vacations together, date nights or even extreme solutions such as "open marriages" to solve their lack of passion. Allowing other "partners" within a marriage can never bring the deep unity God designed to be experienced in marriage.

Certainly quality time together is an excellent accelerant in a relationship but it is weak compared with kindling the fire of God in our hearts.

A genuine experiential relationship with God is the best remedy for any lifeless situation. Nothing burns brighter and hotter than the fire of God!

I am in no way suggesting religion. Religion is a dead practice that cannot bring life. I am speaking of  the fire which comes from an ever-deepening relationship with God, the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

When a person is growing in his or her walk with God, God's fire cannot help but be kindled within!

If two parties in a relationship are blazing with the fire of God, the flames of love and passion for each other will also rise!

Why? Because God is love, and whenever the fire of God is kindled within the human heart, love will always be kindled as well!

No one puts out a fire with more fire. When a fire starts, have you ever heard someone say, "Go get a blazing fire so we can throw it on this fire to put it out."? What will happen? The fire will only grow stronger!

If you want any relationship to grow stronger and be rekindled, apply some of the fire of God on it! 

Growing close to God will never fail to be rewarded if we persist!

This is the best accelerant for any relationship - marriage, friendship, family and even our relationship with God!

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