Tuesday, December 24, 2013


My sons and granddaughter would probably say that I believe in the birth of Christ is because I was an eyewitness, but no, I'm not as old as I look!

I do not believe because I am able to personally examine the archeological or historical evidence of Jesus' birth!

  • There are many "experts" in various fields who spend their lives "disproving" the birth of Jesus Christ and the existence of God.
  • The sad part is that so many accept the assertions of these experts completely by faith!

I do not believe because it was taught to me by my parents - In fact, I am a skeptic by nature!

  • NEWS FLASH: Not all Christians are so week-minded and insecure that they never entertain thoughts that their parents might be wrong!

I do not believe because I need something or someone to lean on!

  • Christians are so often accused of believing in God because they need a crutch to help them through life. 
  • Yet the overwhelming majority of Christians I have met live lives of courage, discipline and integrity. Many throughout history have endured torture and death for the sake of their faith in Jesus Christ - hardly a characteristic of one afraid to leave his comfort zone!

The truth is - I believe because Jesus lives in my heart!

  • Perhaps that is not the most scientific, mathematically correct or persuasive argument. Nevertheless, it is a profound one and one that I share with millions around the world! 
  • I am not alone and I am convinced that if you sincerely ask Jesus to take over your life and heart, you too will believe!
  • Not because you were an eyewitness or an archaeologist. Not because you were taught by your parents or you lean on faith as a crutch, but because Jesus will personally come to live in your heart!

May the Child who was born of a virgin 2,000 years ago come today to live in your heart and enlighten your mind!


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