Friday, March 3, 2017


I have done some traveling lately, in the air, driving, by bus and on foot. During those times, I have picked up some lessons that apply to many areas of life. I am thinking particularly of my walk with God.

Below are some helpful hints for traveling through life with God.

You never know what is around the bend!
You may look ahead and see nothing promising. Your imagination will lead you to believe that there is nothing around the bends in the road. But all things are possible with God. He may have a new challenge, opportunity or blessing up ahead that you cannot see now!

Look down at the path - not too far ahead!
From time got time we should look up to make sure we are still heading on the right path to our destination. However, I have noticed that if I constantly look ahead, I seem to be making no progress. 
This is especially true on a long journey. God's Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our paths. The light does not always shine far ahead. If you look too far ahead, you may stumble over something right in front of you.

Keep stepping!
A journey requires one step at a time. If we keep moving, we will eventually get there. On a long journey, we may sometimes have to camp for the night, but if we constantly stop and think about how hard it is, we will become discouraged.

Do the right thing along the way!
We may encounter opportunities to help others or meet new friends along the way. We often tell ourselves, we have no time for that. But especially when it comes to our walk with God, our actions and how we treat others along the way are a vital part of our journey.

Watch for signs!
Normally, we will see signs along the way that we are heading in the right direction. Even on back roads, an experienced guide is able to follow the sun and know which way to travel.

Stay on the road!
God may call us to take detours, or even to settle in a certain place. Most of the time, however, we must travel on the main roads or paths - i.e. the paths God has chosen for us.

Leaving the road may cost us more than we realize!
There is an old saying: "Sin will take you farther than you wanted to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay and cost you more than you wanted to pay!"

Be patient and wait for God's leading and provision. He is The Good Shepherd and will bring you safely to your destination.

Remember, The Good Shepherd leads. Don't try to drag God over to your plans. Seek, find and follow His plans!

Happy Travels with the Master!