Friday, April 3, 2020


We are living in very unusual times to say the least. The COVID-19 virus is has spread into a worldwide pandemic. Sports, entertainment, restaurants and other businesses have been shut down. Eventually, a "shelter in place," complete lockdown has been ordered, except for essential activities.

At this point, over one million people have been infected around the world and over fifty thousand have died from the virus. Masks and gloves are being worn, even in the mostly empty streets. Uncertainty and fear are gripping many. At times, it feels surrealistic, almost like science fiction!

One contemporary "prophet" said the Lord told him it would be over very quickly. Another said it will be worse than the plagues of Egypt. I must tell you frankly that I do not know! How long will it last? How many will be infected? Or die? This uncertainty can easily give rise to fear if we feed and water it.

In a war, soldiers may spend a lot of time in a trench WAITING for orders to attack or for reinforcements. I have discovered that WAITNG is one the most difficult things to do in the Christian life!  The soldiers had to shelter in place in a six foot wide, seven feet deep trench in the middle of all of the anxieties of war with loud noises threatening around them and WAIT!

But what can we do while we WAIT? One key is to realize that we are in a certain TIME in history. More importantly, we are in a certain TIME in God's perfect plan!

David amassed a large army at Hebron including the sons of Issachar. the Bible records that the sons of Issachar "HAD UNDERSTANDING OF THE TIMES, to know what Israel ought to do!" (1 Chronicles 12:32)

In this current crisis, we cannot live as before. Certain times require certain actions or even inaction. I can imagine that in the times of the world wars, many spent time in the trenches reading their Bibles and praying. A soldier is trained to fight but now, there was nothing to do except PREPARE. He may have cleaned his gun or set up a mortar to prepare for the next  battle.

Likewise, a Christian must also prepare spiritually.

We must continue to prepare ourselves because one thing is certain, the times will change. Perhaps things will return to "normal" or perhaps they will grow worse. But in either case, we will not be available to be used by God unless we are prepared.

Athletes train and lift weights even in the off season. There are no games at that time. But if he does not prepare, he will not be ready when the season starts.

As Christians, we too will have another time and another season...

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven...
Ecclesiastes 3:1

We must continue to prepare ourselves for those change in the TIMES and SEASONS. It may  feel boring and difficult at times. But just as the soldier in the trenches, we are still soldiers for God and there will be a time when we will once again wield our spiritual weapons!

The good news is that God is still in control and...

He has made everything beautiful IN ITS TIME..
Ecclesiastes 3:11a